Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7AM - 7PM

CYS is the shared dream of local yoga and movement teachers Christine Cox and Lorna Kennedy. Having a wealth of teaching experience and established classes in and around the town, together they realised that Chepstow was missing a supportive community space where people could come together to share and to grow through the joy of movement.

With this in mind, CYS is driven by the ethos of ‘movement for every body’ which is supported by five key principles which reflect the values of the founding group:

  • Welcoming: CYS is bright, warm, clean and spacious
  • Inclusive: CYS is open to everyone
  • Nurturing: we offer a safe environment for people to explore movement
  • Inspiring: we inspire better living
  • Community-centred: we are a place where people can come together to share the gift of movement
Lorna Kennedy
Christine Cox