Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7AM - 7PM

In the interests of health and safety, all students should comply with the following protocols when attending classes and appointments at Chepstow Yoga Space:

  • All in-person classes are to be by booking in advance with the specific teacher – no drop-ins permitted.
  • Students are asked to arrive 10 minutes before class and wait outside the building until called in by teacher.
  • Face coverings are required when entering the building and taking mat position, but will not be required or
    recommended during classes, except if otherwise stated by specific teachers.
  • Students are to enter the space one at a time, to remove coats and shoes and take place on furthest available marked mat position from door.
  • Students are to bring and use their own mat and other equipment, or advise specific teacher in advance of their class if they will require a mat.
  • Students are to remain in mat positions at the end of class, and to depart in turn starting with those nearest the door. Again, face coverings are required when exiting.

Further details are available upon request for those interested in hiring Chepstow Yoga Space. Please contact Lorna or Christine.